I help teams solve tough problems

Framework that leads to collaboration, hypotheses, and measurable outcomes.

1. Why are we building?

I analyze existing data (analytics, user feedback) to uncover core user issues.

I lead workshops & ideation sessions to uncover "real" problems.

I formulate clear hypotheses stating the expected impact of any changes.

2. What are we building?

I start broad, ideating on potential solutions aligning with engineering and product teams to understand technical and business constraints.

Let's be honest with ourselves, the first idea is rarely the correct one. We'll iterate together to ensure we are spending time on the right solution.

I validate design decisions. I will help you understand how much and what research methods we can use, regardless of time constraints.

3. How are we building & measuring success?

I'm an engineer's best friend; my background in engineering allows me to collaborate seamlessly with teams to build impactful products.

We'll measure the impact of the final design against the initial hypothesis, and learn from our mistakes.

We'll iterate and improve based on user feedback and business metrics.

If this approach resonates with you, let's build together!↗