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Barometer December 2022 - February 2023

AI-powered podcast insights to optimize digital audio advertising spend

My role

Product Design Lead


Web Application Design

Product Strategy


Barometer came to our team, because they had quickly outgrown their initial product designs. After going from 0 to 1, the Barometer team was looking for a solution to improve upon their existing product, while enhancing functionality to better serve discoverability and custom dashboard creation for podcast advertisers and brands.


  • Improve product visual styling. Focusing primarily on how podcast risk was displayed across all GARM categories

  • Give marketers and brands the ability to better analyze the content of individual episodes, to better support their purchasing decisions

Solution Overview Solution Overview of the GARM Workflow

How we made it happen

For this project, I did not do any formal research; however, we relied heavily on best practices in user experience and the knowledge shared from our stakeholder to provide insights as to how the existing product functioned.

We identified areas of friction that we focused on initially before implementing any design changes. This documentation uncovered two key areas of focus:

  • Finding and filtering the list of podcasts was cumbersome. There was no ability for users to easily find the podcasts they wanted to evaluate for purchase.

  • Information in the product was very dense and overwhelming. We felt it necessary to redesign the core detail page to better support consuming individual GARM scores for a single podcast.

Once identifying the necessary podcast filters and important product information, I crafted wireframes to convey the direction to the stakeholders. This allowed for a quick "gut-check" between the team and stakeholders to ensure we have consensus on design direction, strategy, and workflows. Through this process we came to an agreement to focus on filtering and the podcast detail view, rather than a full redesign. Barometer engineers were going to be implementing as soon as we delivered any work, so they could take and test the solutions within their customer base while we continued to work through future decisions.

After two months, we wrapped up the design work and handed off to the Barometer team to develop and launch in market!

That's great Derek, but what did your work achieve?

Since the conclusion of this project, Barometer has landed a partnership deal with SiriusXM and ArtsAI to provide brand safety and suitability tools to advertisers working with SirusXM. Read more about this partnership

Check out the prototype