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Cornerstone Design System December 2020 - February 2021

From 40 buttons to 1, a story in efficiency and consistency

My role

Product Designer


Governance documentation

Component design

Engineering handoff

Design system education


Angie's List, more than just reviews

After 25 years in business it was time for Angie's List to reimagine how we approach product design & development. Angie's List is no longer just a review website, our goal is to help connect you with high-quality service professionals who service where you live. It was time for the us to refocus on who you are and what problems you have. Whether you are looking to start a new project or you are in an emergency and need to hire ASAP, our team is focused on delivering quality products to meet your needs.

Design Principles

I helped lead our design team in creating design principles to shape how our product organization would ensure we want to build and design products for homeowners or service professionals.

Simple & Progressive

Our products reduce the tension in hiring a service provider. We make the intimidating task simple, so you can work smarter not harder.


Our designs are accessible to all, regardless of situation or ability. We stay focused on our users' problems by listening carefully, observing users in action, and reducing bias in decision making.

Purposeful not just pretty

Our products look good, but not for the sake of being pretty. All aesthetic decisions are meant to help solve a problem, and should be obvious in their use in the product.

Built with trust

As a leader in the home services industry, our products should build confidence and instill trust between home owners and the services providers they are looking to hire. We do the right thing and don't employ dark/sneaky tactics

Governance & Maintenance

All great products shift & grow overtime, and a design system needs to be both flexible enough to grow, while rigid enough to stand on its own. I worked alongside the Principal designer to establish a governance process that could be followed to allow the team to continue to grow Cornerstone as new features were developed.

Workflow Cornerstone governance process

Component documentation