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Sophos Threat Graph November 2023 - February 2024

Increased Security Analyst threat hunting speed by 50%

My role

Product Design Lead


Application design

Component design

Development handoff

Sales prototype

Product Strategy


Sophos, a leading cybersecurity company, contracted with our Innovatemap team to improve the speed at which security analysts can manage threats and detections for their clients.

Analysts are under pressure to discover root cause as fast a possible. The current MDR tools experience

  • requires analysts to use 3 different software solutions

  • do not enough provide information to determine root cause quickly

  • does not match the existing platform

Our Hypothesis

By providing a single tool for analyzing process data, analysts will speed up their root cause analysis, and thus improve customer satisfaction.

Existing Tools

Speaking with the security analysts to understand how and where we could improve their threat hunting tasks. I uncovered the following core issues and needs:

  1. Limited information in tree search
    • no distinction on whether process was in the area of attack
    • no MITRE classification
    • no impacted entities info
  2. Selected process data requires horizontal scrolling, losing context to potentially important information
  3. Event data was read-only, no ability to understand which event was the key event
  4. Global Search provides quick ability to pivot threat hunt, and shouldn't be lost in any sort of redesign effort


I designed a new Threat Hunting experience in the Sophos Managed Detection and Response platform which:

  • reduced software needs from 3 platforms to 1

  • reduced threat hunt duration by ~50% on average

  • provided tools for discovering and searching for additional IOCs

  • enabled analysts to quick pivot to MDR search tool for all key event data

Additional Product Designs